Touchdesigner crashes with RealSense D435i on macOS


I’ve downloaded the latest Touchdesigner (2021.11180) and I have a RealSense D435i camera attached to my USB port (no hub). I’m using macOs Big Sur 11.2.1

When I add the RealSense top and pick “D435i” from the “Model” dropdown, after 2 seconds or so, touchdesigner crashes. I can see that it actually detects the sensor, as its serial number pops up in the parameters window.

Here’s a screen recording:

Here’s the crash report:

TouchDesigner_2021-03-05-101915_Barts-MacBook-Pro.crash (155.5 KB)

Thanks for taking a look! :slight_smile:

Hi @polyclick
Yeah the Realsense cameras are very hit and miss on macOS. They have been so bad that for the last 2 years we had them disabled on macOS. However there is now a group of mac models that it seems to work on, so we reenabled it. Unfortunately it is not all macs, and very few actually.

Thanks for the dump file, we will update you when there is an SDK update and its worth trying again.

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Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: I’ll look into finding a windows pc to make it work :slight_smile:

@ben could you recommend to which macOS to upgrade/downgrade to be able to use the realsense in TouchDesigner with the TouchDesigner TOP? I just want to use the infrared stream. I’ve been struggling to get the camera to work for weeks on Mojave and then on Ventura with no luck. Do you know if there is more chance in Big Sur or Catalina? Or should I just switch to Windows? I’m currently on a mac mini 2018. thank you…!

From what I have seen its more to do with the model of Mac you have. I only have one Mac, M1 Max 14", it doesn’t recognize the camera on my system unfortunately.
I would not recommend downgrading OS, TouchDesigner 2023 will run best on macOS 13 or 14.
Your Mac Mini 2018 is an Intel-based mac?
One more thing that often causes connection issues is the cable you use. Are you using the one that came with the RealSense?