Touchdesigner Experimental Bugs


I’d like to report a few bugs in the following environment:

Build: TD 099 64-Bit 2018.42312
OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

  1. Audio Export not working: ‘File > Export Movie’ fails to include audio if the export includes an Audio CHOP. The movie exports correctly, but the resulting movie seems to have no audio. Attempted several times, unsuccessful every time in different formats.

  2. Can’t type floats in some color picker windows: Create a ‘Constant’ operator, select it, and click on the ‘Color’ box to pick a color. When the color picker opens, select any of the fields (HSB or RGB) and try to type a float. It is impossible to type the ‘.’ character, which makes it hard to type the proper floating point numbers.

  3. Fog and possibly Background color not working for ‘Camera Blend’ COMP. Create a 3d project with geometry, a couple of cameras, and lights as needed. Connect the cameras to the camera blend, and set up some fog and background color parameters. Not sure if user error, but I tried multiple times, and the render seemed to ignore fog and background regardless of the settings. (Not sure if user error, but just in case, figured it’d be worth taking a look).

  4. Not sure if this is a known issue, but I believe it is impossible to move geometry in the Geometry Viewer on macOS.

Hope this helps, thanks!

Thanks for the reports:

  1. We are working on this
  2. This seems to work fine in 2019.10700 color pickers
  3. Can reproduce and will investigate
  4. Known issue, working on a fix for future branches.