TouchDesigner for Synaesthesia Research Help

Hello Reader!

I am a cognitive psychology researcher at university, and I believe that touch designer could be an incredibly useful tool for research into visual forms of synaesthesia. The current standard of diagnostic tools and research methods does not always accurately reflect the true visual representation of the experience of an Individual with Synaesthesia and after learning about the existence, accessibility, and sheer flexibility of TouchDesigner I have become incredibly excited about its potential as a future tool for gathering data and research, I am a beginner in TouchDesigner and understand the basic principles but would like to advance my knowledge for this specific use case, I am wondering whether it is possible to almost add a front end to TouchDesigner where the user could easily add “form” to a colour and adjust properties of the “form” such as radiance and diffusion all in real-time.

Chromesthesia is a form of Synaesthesia were by sound and specifically music trigger an automatic sensory response of colour in the individual’s visual field or mind’s eye manifesting into various forms.

Therefore, In TouchDesigner the Individual could intuitively and easily recreate what is happening in their ‘mind’s eye’ or ‘environment’ in response to sound. Manipulating the shape, form, radiance, texture of an object over time.

Please let me know if this is possible and if there are any similar existing projects or tutorials that I can use to develop this, I plan on adding the project to my research paper and using it with real participants immediately and will credit any significant collaborators accordingly.

Hey, welcome to the forum.
Most of what you describe sounds very well possible in TD. Many people build their own User Interface (UI) and give it unique functionality. I don’t have a pointer to something which already does exactly what you describe, so probably the best thing is to start building yourself, and during your learning journey come back with more specific questions along the way.
Here’s a list of learning resources:

ps please don’t crosspost if you don’t get an immediate answer on a forum- thx!