TouchDesigner in a House (Residence)

So I am gutting a 130 year old house. I have it down to just base frames, no walls. I would like suggestions from everyone as to what whacky ways you would integrate TD, hardware, or computing into your home.

I plan on putting a PC/Networking closet in a central location in the house and having my living room converted into general studio space with:

USB3.1 ports high up on the walls for 3d cameras etc
Dual Ethernet dedicated for Dante
Ethernet/USB/HDMI in and HDMI out wall jacks in the studio as well

Out back I have a workshop where I will have USB and Ethernet to run CNC and 3D printers etc. I will also run a HDMI line for a monitor.

In various other locations I will have ports to plug a monitor and peripherals so I can work from the desktop around the house.

What am I missing? What would you do?

Cat8? Cat7? Cat6?


Hi there,

it seems to me that you have already a good idea and a good set up in mind for the way you currently intend to use your space.

The only thing that comes to mind, I would add inside the walls some PVC pipes (or similar) that connect each of the rooms, feed a rope or string through each pipe, and label or use strings with different colours.
That way in the future you can always add new cables if you need to.

Technology evolves constantly, protocols change, cables and connections change.
Your type of work and specialisation is likely to change and evolve too in the next 10 / 20 years.

In other words, since you are renovating a house, I would leave something structural in place that will let you easily add or change cables down the track if you need.

Hope that helps, and good luck with your house reno, it sounds fun.

I know it’s a bit unrelated, since it can be used without TD, and you probably already thought about it, but… I would put remote controlable outlets and light switches everywhere. My be possible to control those in TD also :wink: