TouchDesigner into Zoom - 2020-04-10 19:10

TouchDesigner into Zoom

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hi matt! keep well. thanks for posting this. (ps this is greg h, not mettler)

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If you’re on a Mac, you can send video out to Syphon and use CamTwist to generate a virtual camera, which you can select as a standard video input for your conferencing app.

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I get this error when I try to swithc to Spout cam in Zoom : “cannot create directx/opengl interop”.
Note: I changed the default graphics card settings for Zoom. And I am using Geforce GTX1050

Okay i think i found the issue. How do I run the Spout demo receiver on the external graphics card ?

If you have the latest NVidia Drivers installed, you might be able to right-click on the .exe and choose “Run with graphics processor”

If not, go into your NVidia Control Panel and see if you can change the “Preferred graphics processor” setting

Thank you for your tutorial!! Your suggestion of using the NDI tools saved me!!

My summary trying to use TD in Microsoft Teams (required for my daughters school):

  • NDI: The “NewTek NDI Video” virtual webcam showed up instantly and has worked flawless ever since. Overall user experience with NDI Tools = 10/10.

  • Spout: No matter what I tried for several hours of experimenting I could not get the Spout Webcam to show up in Microsoft Teams (it worked in the SpoutViewer and VLC Player and AMCAP, but never in Microsoft Teams). It was strange that the Spout webpage had an expired certificate. Also lots of various forum posts about not working with 64bit, etc, etc. Overall user experience with Spout = 0/10.

frenchy (aka Steve French) (aka VoltVisionFrenchy)

Is it possible to grab video from zoom into touch somehow??

Other than using window / screen capture TOPs? Not really.

If you want to pay for Zoom Pro, Business or Enterprise, maybe:

but it doesn’t look like it would be cheap. AKA probably a monthly fee per attendee and add-on for “webinars”

yeah i see, thanks. Maybe some another easy ways to capture video using ndi or something else over the internet? I tried to research some webrtc and rtmp way, but doesn’t work with touch :frowning:

Hi, thanks for this - Things are working nicely moving as you presented moving from TD to ZOOM. What do you think the opportunity is to explore hijacking the entire stream of a zoom meeting and run it through effects via tounchdesigner? - e.g. For it not just to be your screen but everybody’s smaller conversation screens that become part of the realtime manipulation in TD? A few directions I have been testing include utilising the screen share to feedback the zoom main screen, however zoom app always makes the main screen disappear under screen share so thats no good, and when bypassing the main webcam stream in ZOOM with NDI or syphon to loop the content on the ZOOM main screen it always creates undesired feedback… All suggestions to help my tests welcome!

Not to ressurect an old thread, but since this is attached to the tutorial from the main website, I thought I’d just add this link here. which has a 64bit version of SpoutCam that I’m pretty sure will solve your problem.

@neonlimbo not sure if you can update the original post to mention this but this seems to be the #1 thing that trips people up when using most other solutions than Zoom (since Zoom is forgiving enough to still display 32bit webcam drivers)