Touchdesigner + OBS Studio doesn't work with shared virtual camera

Hi all, I’m trying to share my phone’s camera to OBS via DroidCam to make it available in Touchdesigner as a video device in.
The problem I have is that as soon as i start the virtual video camera in OBS, in touchdesigner only the first frame of the input is being displayed and nothing else.
OBS says that there are problems creating output file, here the log file.
I have tried changing the encoder for the videos but nothing changes.

"10:34:37.112: Virtual output stopped

10:34:37.223: starting virtual-output failed

10:34:38.211: Starting Virtual Camera output to Program

10:35:08.951: Settings changed (outputs)

10:35:08.951: ------------------------------------------------

10:35:14.850: starting virtual-output failed

10:35:17.204: Starting Virtual Camera output to Program

10:35:29.175: NV12 texture support enabled

10:35:29.175: P010 texture support not available

10:35:29.180: starting virtual-output failed

10:35:30.760: Starting Virtual Camera output to Scene : Scena

10:35:38.658: starting virtual-output failed

10:36:00.452: Starting Virtual Camera output to Program

10:37:11.848: [DroidCamOBS] read_frame: read 9092 bytes wanted 13520

10:37:15.010: [DroidCamOBS] read header recv returned 0

10:37:18.065: [DroidCamOBS] have config: 29

10:37:18.130: [DroidCamOBS] use hw: 1

10:37:21.693: [DroidCamOBS] read header recv returned -1"

Working with Windows 11
OBS 30.0.2
Touchdesigner 2022.32660

Thanks in advance!

Hi, I’ve had my share of OBS problems so I’d like to try to help out by responding.

I think I can read your post two ways: the DroidCam can’t be used in two places, OR the DroidCam into OBS works, but the OBS Virtual Cam output isn’t working/won’t work in TouchDesigner.

Here’s some things that might be helpful:
Not super knowledgeable about DroidCam, but a classic Windows problem is the inability to use a video device in more than one place.

So if I bring a webcam in to OBS and have it active, I can’t use it in TouchDesigner (or Chrome for a video call, and so on).

In this case, you could use something like ( to set up a video feed from the phone’s browser directly into TouchDesigner, cutting out OBS (if that’s what you want to do).

From the log, it seems like the problem is on the OBS side, but that’s all I can figure.

Curious to hear if you’ve solved this or figured out what was causing it, and if any of that was helpful. Cheers.

Thank for the reply. Yeah basically I think too that the problem was on the OBS output because the connection between DroidCam and OBS works fine.
While it is not possible to connect DroidCam directly to Touchdesigner, I found another application called Camo that routes the output of the camera (virtual or physical) directly into touchdesigner.
So I resolved in this way. The app is available for Android/iPhone and iOS and Win.

Same issue here with the latest OBS and latest TD on Windows

same here

although the only reason why im using OBS virtual cam is because my capture card runs slow in TouchDesigner so i have to pass it through obs first