TouchDesigner on MacBookAir

Hello, all
The Japanese user community experimented on installation of TouchDesiner in MacBookAir+BootCamp, and succeeded. :slight_smile:

This system is not most suitable by the scene where processing is heavy and the full-scale production.However, I feel possibility for this system, such as an introduction PC of TouchDesiner, or light machine for prototyping

Are there many users using TouchDesiner in Mac+BootCamp?And I regret that latest MacBookPro does not have a graphic tip of nvidia.I will feel uneasiness in what TouchDesiner may not use in Mac+Bootcamp in future. :cry:


I’m using the 2nd latest macbook pro (released in 2008/2009? standard spec, no upgrades) with windows 7. We’ve had Touch running on the 3rd latest macbook pro too however when attempting to put touch on an older mac pro (not macbook) it bluescreens due to overheating. (or at least did for us at uni)

All of my touch work is done on my macbook pro…its had a hard life so far but I’ve had no issues even after a year of use with Touch Designer.


I’ve been using Touch, bootcamped, on the 2010 (Core i7) MBP, maxxed out, for almost a year now… it run’s … ok. I get 30fps on most of the old toe’s that I made on a Tower that would get 45-60… I was expecting it to be better - well, more like hoping. Have ran some installations and performances on it, and it’s stable, but I can’t really do anything with full HD…

I have problems with Mac but I really wish I can find a newer topic. Doubt it that anyone will respond here.