Touchdesigner or VVV for manipulation of large point cloud datasets?

I guys,

I am part of a team that analyses the geometries of natural habitat structures including trees, rainforests and flowers. Our work uses very high resolution point cloud data (6 million, 600 million, even in rare cases over a billion points)

We are looking create some interesting animations from these point clouds as part of a storytelling through data project…

Before we begin, I was just wanting to see if they was a clear winner re. point cloud rendering/manipulation between VVV and Touch designer. Does one render point clouds on the GPU, has a better use of multi-threading, etc?

+'s for touch designer

  • python
  • Mac compatible (I hear tounchdesigner now has Vulkan drivers for higher GPU performance on Macs, but uncertain if these are any good?)

+'s for VVV

  • ?

What do you guys think?