Touchdesigner quits during exhibition


I built a session using Cache Top (Optical flow) and Blob Track to send signals via IAC MIDI bus to Ableton and turn simple live camera video to music. It was running ok on my macbook pro with a touchdesigner version 2021.11180 but in the exhibition, they give me another macbook(2017) so I installed the latest 2022.28040, and touchdesigner just quit like every 3 hours, I don’t know if it is not compatible with Ableton or if the Cache and Blob Track Tops(I’m using the non-commercial version,so I’m only tracking 2 blobs on 3 divided videos) take too much memories.

Please help!!!

@Nick7zzz maybe the best way to quickly solve this would be installing the same TD version as the one you used for development (2021.11180).

Hey @Nick7zzz

Can you please share the full specs of the 2017 MacBook? Including MacOS version?


Yes, the one that kept quitting is TD 2022.28240 on a Ventura 13.0 beta OS,

I tried to run the same program on my own macbook(Monterey 12.3.1) with 2021.11180,
and it kept running very well for more than 10 hours…I’m wondering if the OS is not compatible…

Yes I’m gonna try that, thanks!

Processor: 2.9GHz 4 core Intel Core i7,
Graphic: Radeon Pro 560 4GB/Intel HD Graphics 630 1536MB
Memory:16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Mac OS: Ventura 13.0 beta (22A5311f)

Hey @Nick7zzz

I’d argue that it is not the best idea to run a show on a beta OS.

Maybe you should downgrade if it’s an emergency.

I don’t know if anyone on our team already updated to Mac OS Ventura, but I will log an issue for our developers.


Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the report @Nick7zzz. Are you able to share the .toe that’s crashing? Either attach it here or e-mail it to and reference this forum thread. That will help us look further into the issue.

As suggested, installing TouchDesigner 2021 sounds like it may solve the issue for you until we can fix it in 2022. You can download 2021 releases from here.

Yes I’ve downloaded 2021 version and I will email the toe file, thanks

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