Touchdesigner techniques to do some specific things I find in this famous artwork

Good day,
Looking at the work of the great artist Refik Anadol, and specifically at “Melting Memories”, which he created with vvvv, I’m trying to find ways in Touchdesigner to do some of the things that appear in that wonderful work; I have explored this in the past but now I have more specific questions:

  • To begin with, I know that some of their works are created with Houdini, but in this specific one, “Melting Memories”, they clearly state that it was created with vvvv, which is why I ask about this specific one, thinking that if it was created with vvvv, there must be ways to do similar things with touchdesigner

  • I often program with GLSL particle systems, but now I would like to constrain their movement to a rectangular or cubic area like Anadol does in “Melting Memories”, how can I do that in touchdesigner? to prevent the particles to exit a specific portion of space, a specific I guess cubic portion of space? and ideally that when the particles reach those limits, they react in some way, bounce, etc. I typically program curl noise movements with GLSL, its the easiest way I have found to create fluid like movements, I wonder how I would then interact that kind of movement with a boundary, but the first thing would be to know how to create that boundary

  • Next is the consistency of the mass of the particles. In this artwork, they create this kind of viscuous consistency in the particle mass, which I find very appealing. But when I create particle systems with GLSL in TD, and implementing curl noise, the particles tend to eventually escape from each other. What do you recommend to keep the particles more tied to each other like we see in “Melting Memories”?

  • Coming back to the fluid like behaviour. Implementing Curl Noise is the easiest and most practical way I have found. I have also tried Nvidia Flex a bit, but it seems to me that that’s not the ideal way. Is there any other thing you would recommend? If they did “Melting Memories” with vvvv, there must be equivalent ways of achieving that kind of fluid like movement in TD, or maybe its all about creating variations of the “curl noise” route

I appreciate very much any tips, insights, thank you :slight_smile: