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You can now find links to all our TouchDesigner tutorials here:

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some really good stuff here, thanks

very good tutorials ! I found that one with google also :slight_smile:

This course aims to explore the potentials of computer animation in interactive applications. At the end of this course, students are able to understand the potential and limitation of real-time interactive computer animation, and create their own interactive works using selected tools. Topics include creating 3D animation contents for interactive applications, real-time rendering, and using physics in an interactive computer animation environment.

courses :

… to …

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Some basic concepts also here: … jOcc70Vcim

thanks, is helpful for those who are starting :wink:

thank you , guys, for these useful links is missing there :slight_smile:
2 TouchDesigner Courses,
3rd is coming soon


The content is great, but the audio has a consistent background hiss. It makes the video’s almost unwatchable.

I hope this audio problems is not there in part 2. If you want to hear what I mean, go listen to a Pluralsight video - complete silence in the background bed, these are all courses recorded by non audio pros.


Greattttttt !!! thxxxx.

You can also find all Touchdesigner Tutorials so far here, i think that’s all i could find that was online!