Touchdesigner UI Red Screen on Macbook pro 16" display

When I launch Touchdesigner version 2020 on my Macbook Pro 16" while my laptop is paired via Airplay: Sidecar as a secondary display to my Ipad Pro 2019 I get a red screen of the Touchdesigner UI. It only shows the UI functions and the red screen goes away when I drag the interphase window to my Ipad Pro (which is being used as a secondary display). When I drag the Touchdesigner window back to my laptop monitor it goes back to the bright red display.

Now if I have the Ipad as a secondary monitor disconnected via airplay: Sidecar feature on Mac OS quit and relaunch Touchdesigner, it launches normal with no red screen and I am able to function through the UI on my main laptop monitor. I can also continue to see all the user interphase without any red screen after launching the software then connecting my Ipad via sidecar feature and dragging the Touchdesigner window(s) back and forth between monitors.

I have a feeling this is due to the software not being sure which processor to run the application when the main computing processor is the laptop but the external display has it’s own processor as well and therefore I get this red screen on my laptop while everything works on the ipad pro display.

I thought I report this hardware bug, hopefully it was helpful.



This is Airplay, not TD. All of these apps that spoof an iPad as a secondary monitor aren’t doing it as real GPU calls, its something else like display link. Even if TD would run with it open, the performance would be untenable. I had uninstall Duet, which I was hoping to use for a similar purpose… it basically bricked my computer

@drmbt Duet is full-on scary, I tried it on Windows machine about a year ago and it completely broke my WIndows install and required a full reinstall. I do not recommend that app.

@arakeuro We haven’t tested at anything on Sidecar or Airplay as TouchDesigner needs direct access to the GPU to run. Even running powerful external GPUs on macOS requires only using TD on the external monitor as it does not support sending data back to the laptop’s internal display correctly. We probably won’t send much time researching this right now, but we do thank you for the report so we can relay this to other users. Perhaps in the coming years as macOS and iOS share more commonalities this will become possible.

@ben yeah no joke, completely borked all of my video outputs, I think the solve was rolling back nvidia drivers like 5x back before it started giving me HDMI output again. Had to borrow a show machine and license, as i had installed it right before a tour. Absolute disaster

I’m am getting red screen on my 2019 13" Macbook Pro + eGPU system. But if I disconnect the eGPU and then start the Touch Designer it works fine. Even if I reconnect the eGPU it still runs fine until I restart the Touch Designer.