Touchdesigner vs Electron application (Mac Environment)

Hi, I have some question about building some system for proof of concept.

Normally I am using for Touchdesinger a huge amount of handle 3d pointclouds, making visuals and performance.

so I use for mac(sound) + window(visual) is my normal setup for performance.

These days, I try to build some bio-simulation programs for generating sound,
my Idea is an agent-based slime mold. I need to build simple simulations for proof of concept.

so It seems I have 2-options for building some visual simulation.

  1. using touchdesigner glsl
  2. building some programs (webGL) with Electron.

I only work visual with Touchdesinger in window machines.
For this system, I will use a supercollider and I will use a mac(intel 2019) for some sound simulation and handle some AI data,

does anyone professional with this kind of thing?

for Touchdesigner
some experience with handling the data
easy access

Gpu hunger(this is critical for me :()

for Electron browser
future development with code (I would like to write a paper, so code-based stuff is much easier for writing a paper?? maybe?)
buidling for custom complex system (later)

I do not have much experience with it, so I would like to know how many resources will be used in a single machine

Does anyone professional about this kind of stuffs? I need some advice :slight_smile:

Are you speaking about electron.js ?

Yes electron.js :slight_smile: Trying to build some simulation system I have some experience with glsl but for now I am looking for a method to run in a 1 machine. But I have not many experience with it and how heavy this kind of system so I would like to get some advice of it!

Elektron.js is just a framework, allowing you to build web application using the web technologies. Concerning sound, 3D etc you will be very limited compared to TD! For example with web glsl, you are in the same league as shadertoy, it can be fun but very limited. For the sound, you can find some interesting libraries but nothing to compare with Max/Msp, Collider or even TD…
You have very poor control over output (graphic card, screens, sound cards, etc.)
It really depend of what you want to perform and for which audience…

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Hey, I think electron would be a poor choice for you, here’s why:

  1. If you want a desktop application then why limit yourself to webgl, unless you’re planning to put your work as a live-shader online, which judging by your description you don’t want to do.
  2. You will spend a lot of time figuring out how to set up an electron app itself before you’ll even start to work on your actual content part.
  3. Most of the time it’s better to avoid a mindset of “It will help me later when I want to build a big complex system out of this initial one” unless you’re dead set on building such a system :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to lock yourself in td environment then you can try processing. Or if you want your whole thing to live online, consider looking at p5.js maybe.

Also if you want to use shaders in td, I don’t think td by itself adds a lot of gpu memory overhead, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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@jacqueshoepffner @densi
Hi, thanks for all advice. I am a huge fan of TD, and to be honest, If It was not TD, I didn’t make many visuals. TD is one of my favorite programs!
but In a lots of scenarios I use the TD only in window machines, so for now, I just looking for a much complex way to use a visual in mac environment
the reason why I ask a question forum, I have no fear to learn different languages, and I prefer a glsl than p5.js. but I don’t want to put my energy in meaningless stuff, so my question is about If I put some endeavor and time to build a new system, them How much complexity will it have in a new system?

I already have some experience in glsl in TD, but I am not familiar with other applications like webGL, and unity environment. so I would like to get some advice on it.

for the system, I want to build with Supercollider + Visual simulation system (TD or other implementation?) and also glsl use a CPU pipeline, so It will not much heavier to using a GPU resources stuff, but, I don’t assume, how this simulation will big later, so I trying to avoid some risks.

and @jacqueshoepffner, I using a 2022.16410 to use old glsl code, Is that a huge difference in using a hardware resource compared with Vulcan? even in the mac?

If someone has any advice that could help develop a system :slight_smile: