Touchdesigner with d3

I’m about to undertake an immersive and interactive video project as video engineer and sound engineer as part of my university course.

I was hoping to use touchdesigner after seeing it in use at ‘Frameless’ in marble arch. Our video mapping will run on d3 as that’s the server we have at uni and what I’m being graded on. I wanted to know if it would be possible to integrate the software into this system to use for the interactive aspect of our brief.

I’ve put this in the beginners section as it would be my first time using touchdesigner so I’m learning the software at the same time as pairing it with disguise.

If anyone has any experience would be great to hear!


You can integrate TD with D3 using our new features, that are available in the latest 2022 builds. This allows you to send values/images to TD, generated content in TD using those, and then the data back to D3, all in sync.

Here’s a demo video

Any Touchdesigner demo project for understand how to prepare for disguise, not understand how to do the table with renderstream chop and how to work with renderstream in and out. thanks