Touchdesigner won't open

Hi! My touchdesigner is not working, everytime it opens as a blank window (as follow image) and that’s it.

My hardware:

Windows 10 version 1903, 18362.592 64-bit

Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz version 10.0.18362.387

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1500 Ti version

I’ve update NVIDIA’s drivers as I saw it worked for some people, but it didn’t work for me. I’ve tried formating windows, and doing everything again, tried everything I possibly knew, all drivers, tried all tips I found here, and still nothing. I don’t know what else to try.

Can someone please help me?

I also tried different versions of touchdesigner, including 088 but it opens the same way.

Do you have strange characters in your username? I noticed the path is blank between “Users” and “Desktop”.

Nvidia driver versions are usually numbers like 441.66 (not , can you tell us what version you used from to install? You can also find this in the Nvidia Control Panel under Help Menu > System Information.

Some people have reported problems when installing geforce experience, I have never had a problem but it could be worth trying to install the Nvidia driver package without Geforce Experience.

I just erased the username as a habit, it’s plain letters.

Sorry, it’s 441.66!

I see your driver type is standard, and mine is DCH, don’t know if it means something.

I didn’t install the geforce experience this time, and also downloaded the Studio version (from this link

What language is your OS set to? We’ve only tested with english but could test another if you are using Brazil/Portuguese or something else?

Yes, it’s Brazilian Portuguese!

Any help? I basically bought this pc to run touchdesigner, it’s really frustrating not being able to make it work :~~

Sorry, we can’t reproduce it so we don’t have a confirmed fix. If you could try to change Windows to English and the problem goes away, then we know it that is part of the problem, but we have never heard of this from other users and our community uses Windows in all languages all the time.

If its a new laptop, I would also recommend a ‘clean Windows’ install because many laptop manufacturers (and desktop too for that matter) install lots of bloatware that can be proplematic. MSI, ASUS and Acer are the worst offenders. If you do a clean fresh install of Windows and only install the required software and drivers then you will be certain that you know everything on your computer.

Hi, just did a clean install with everything in english, installed de nvidia studio driver without geforce experience, and still nothing. What else could I be missing?

Reading here I noticed I didn’t tell that it already worked on this computer, it just stoped working someday (when I was performing, of course), after that one day it simply opened as if nothing ever happened, and it never worked ever since. It’s been months, and I feel more stupid everyday that I can’t figure this out.

With a fresh Windows and Gfx driver install, this is really strange as it should work. I almost wonder if it is hardware related. Have you tried re-seating your graphics card and ram?

You could try this build for which we fixed a startup issue for others using non-english Windows version, but their symptoms were different as they didn;t have it working before like you did, and you changed to English. But it would be one more thing to try, you can get it here:

I received an email with this build! It was the first one I tried :c

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Hi this is happening with me too. I just downloaded it and it opens to black. I"m on Windows 10 (i7, 4ghz, 3x1080ti), english, no strange characters and I have previously used Touchdesigner on this very PC (since then it was wiped).
I’ll probably post this in the main forum too as I see these posts from a couple of months ago and the Dropbox link has expired.

@andrewlim Since it’s a new install, have you gone over to and grabbed the latest drivers?
Also install all Windows Updates.
Can I assume youare using the latest build 2020.22080? This is an old post…

Hi Ben,
Thanks. Yes that’s the build I’m using, I downloaded yesterday. Also I updated Nvidia drivers last week. I’m on Windows build 18362.778.

Is everything black or just certain windows? Care to share a screengrab?

Nothing obvious to me, so perhaps try these:

  • Delete the pref.txt file found here:
    C:/Users/ username /AppData/Local/Derivative/TouchDesigner/pref.txt
  • Uninstall and reinstall TouchDesigner

If it was a laptop I would say remove bloatware, but since its a desktop and you just reinstalled Windows I am assuming there is not of that on the system.

Thanks Ben. Only just saw your reply, I will try and reinstall now though there was no pref.txt file.

Just reinstalled and still exhibiting the same thing.