TouchEngine for UE 5.2.1: Editor mode, CHOP rework and more! - 2023-07-07 06:26

TouchEngine for UE 5.2.1: Editor mode, CHOP rework and more!

Link to main site

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Hey that looks great!

I read the documentation but I don’t understand exactly how or when it would be necessary to use this component.

For example, what would be the difference from sending CHOP data through OSC instead of using this plugin?

Is the plugin running the tox file without the need of TouchDesigner running? My guess is that it would generate a separate process right? Sort of like the HDA system of Houdini?

I wanted to explore the examples from the samples but my commercial license is not valid for the latest TD build, so would be lovely to get a few insights on where this could be used or examples of uses that it already had :slight_smile:


Hello @Eusebi

And thanks for the interest.

That’s a bit of your own call at the end of the day. It is indeed running a subprocess, TouchEngine, rather than a full TouchDesigner process with its UI and such. So it’s expected to be bit more lightweight overall.

Another advantage is that it doesn’t require you to work with network protocols such as OSC, and it is also fully integrated into blueprints, with additional custom nodes that we provide and that hopefully make the whole experience even smoother! :slight_smile:

So, in the case where you are working with CHOPs, you can read from the CHOP output right away, no matter the number of samples they have, from within the blueprints. Working with parameters, updating a parameter get passed to the running process right away… you don’t have to add code for that. You can interact in a similar fashion to the Engine COMP, with the top level parameters.

I’m not too familiar with HDAs but I believe that Houdini does have something similar in the Houdini Engine.

Recently I saw @kefon having some fun with the plugin in a nice use case :slight_smile:


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Great that’s really insightful!

I will check it out this coming week :slight_smile:



Looks great! Thanks for your hard work.

Does the TouchEngine work with an Education license?

Getting the below error message once the files have been copied into the UE Project Plugin folder, the plugin activated and UE restarted:

The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version:


Would you like to rebuild them now?

The rebuild attempt fails with the following dialog:

Project could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually.

I’m running UE 5.2.1 and TD 2022.33910 but the EDU license.

I’d be grateful for any help!



Yes, TouchEngine works with TouchDesigner Educational licenses. I’ll let @JetXS comment on where to get instructions to recompile, think the instructions are described in the Github readme/help.

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Hey @PhelanKane

Can you please go through the following ?

If that doesn’t help, can you please share the build logs so that we can see where it might fails ?


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Thanks so much. I got it working.

This might help someone else:

I had to update to VS2022 (I was on VS2019) and install the workloads listed in this doc.

UE 5.2 had to be configured via Edit >Editor Preferences > Source Code > Visual Studio 2022.

To get the Samples project working I had to recompile the plugin binaries in VS via this.

However, VS threw an error about the Houdini Engine and wouldn’t compile until I uninstalled it. Beyond my knowledge as to why! Maybe it was just my system…

Thanks again for your help and a great tool!



Is it mandatory to use version 2022.33910, or is it just recommended?
I would like to test some stuff before purchasing an upgrade :slight_smile:

@v.rtx_void if you’re on an earlier 2022 version it might work sufficiently for testing, possibly with degraded performance.

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Has anyone experienced this error after going through the install setup? The following dump is from saved/logs/TouchEngineUESamp.log

[2023.08.29-21.04.42:861][115]LogTouchEngine: Started load for ../../../../../../Users/razer/Downloads/TouchEngine-UE-Samples-1.2.0/TouchEngine-UE-Samples-1.2.0/Content/./TDToxFiles/UESample_Component_01_EnginePerform.tox
[2023.08.29-21.04.45:168][254]LogTouchEngine: Error: TouchEngine error - load() severe tox file error: The TouchEngine process crashed or stopped responding.
[2023.08.29-21.04.45:168][254]TouchEngine: Error: TouchEngine error - load() severe tox file error: The TouchEngine process crashed or stopped responding.
[2023.08.29-21.04.45:168][254]LogTouchEngine: Warning: Finished loading TouchEngine instance with ../../../../../../Users/razer/Downloads/TouchEngine-UE-Samples-1.2.0/TouchEngine-UE-Samples-1.2.0/Content/./TDToxFiles/UESample_Component_01_EnginePerform.tox with error: load() severe tox file error: The TouchEngine process crashed or stopped responding.
[2023.08.29-21.04.45:168][254]LogTouchEngine: Warning: FTouchEngine::GetSupportedPixelFormat: Called when TouchEngine was not yet loaded. There are no meaningful results, yet.

I followed the build setup found here

I downloaded the Engine from source and then built the samples project in VS Studio 2022. I also made sure to have all the necessary plugins that @PhelanKane specified as well in that link. The Build was successful but I did notice that I got the message

========== Rebuild All: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 1 skipped ==========

At the end. I’m wondering if there is a necessary build step that is getting skipped or if that actually doesn’t matter. I have my commercial license going with Version 2022.33910 and it feels like I had everything configured correctly. I’m also familiar with the build workflow as I was able to get the old release of the TouchEngine plugin working fine. Any tips would be appreciated on how to resolve this. Thanks!

Oh lol the reason it was not loading was because I had the new 2023 Touch Experimental Build installed in parallel!

Just add a shortcut to the proper build next to your .tox files or use the environment variable and that should let you have multiple builds.

Ah, this should still work - are you just running the examples or your own project?

I can’t manage to get the “allow to run in editor” mode to work
my BP is working correctly when i do play but not when the “allow to run in editor” is enabled.
I don’t do anything complex in my BP just setting the intensity of some light

Do you have an example on how we should use that mode ?

Hi @Tyrell

It’s demoed in all the samples of the Sample project.

And documented here:

Use the TouchEngine events when needed in your blueprints. On TouchEngine Components, they are custom versions of the vanilla Begin Play and End Play events that are designed to be triggered when the Allow Running in Editor is turned on or off.

If you are still encountering issues, please share a repository with a snippet of your project so that we can see what’s missing.


Hi @JetXS,
My bad the problem was coming from the fact that the blue print that is driven by the chop value i’m getting from the touchengine doesn’t run when the value of one of his parameter is changed by the touchengine BP.
It’s a little bit strange i see the value the parameter of my BP changing but that doesn’t make the BP run.
If i change the value of the parameter manually it’s working.
Thank you for your help.

It’s a little bit strange i see the value the parameter of my BP changing but that doesn’t make the BP run.

Hey @Tyrell apologies but I am unclear on what you describe here. Would you mind sharing a small recording of what you see ?


Hi @JetXS
TouchEngineUESamp - Unreal Editor 2024-01-16 (1.5 MB)
Here is a recording.
The touchengine BP is BP_Touch_Control_Lights
It find all the BP_Light BP and change the intensity parameter on them.
When it’s the touch BP that change the parameters that doesn’t has an effect (the light doesn’t turn on) but when i change it manually it’s working.

I have another question is it possible to use the touchengine to do Post Process Effect ?

Hey @Tyrell

I am not having any issue setting a variable from a TouchEngine Actor A, on another generic actor B, where actor B has a public variable exposed.

I am updating manually through the details panel an integer (typing, or using the slider) on TouchEngine Actor A. In the blueprint, I am getting at the end of the frame the value of the parameter that was just set. I am using this event to go set the value of my variable on Generic Actor B. All of this using Allow Running In Editor mode.

For now, I’m suspecting a logic issue somewhere in your code, or maybe a misunderstanding on someone’s end.

For further debugging we will need a sample project to be shared here or privately to support.

Regarding the Post FX Volume, I am not 100% sure of what you are after but following an approach similar to what is described above, I was updating the settings of a Post FX Volume from my TouchEngine Actor BP. Updating the bloom intensity based on a TouchEngine Component parameter.