TouchEngine for UE 5.2.1: Editor mode, CHOP rework and more! - 2023-07-07 06:26

Hi @JetXS,
Here is a small unreal that illustrate my problem.

The value is correctly set on my Bp_Light blue print but that doesn’t has any effect on the light the BP contains.

For the post process question i would like to know if it’s possible to use touch in the post process pipeline.
What i would like to do is to get the image from SceneTexture:PostProcessInput0 send in to touch and feed the output to my material.


I found a solution for my blueprint that was not cooking.
I create a custom event (cook) in my generic blue print

I then call it from the touchengine blue print

Yeah in Bp_Light the Event Tick is not being called in Editor Mode. The variable value isn’t being passed to the Dynamic Material. It’s not a TouchEngine issue, it’s an Unreal Engine design issue.

It’s all working in PIE though.

You need to Make a TouchEngine Actor if you want to use the custom TouchEngine Events, such as the custom Begin Play which is called in Editor.

So you’d have your BP light Blueprint being a TouchEngine Actor rather than a generic Actor.

You can use the Reparent method to Convert it from an Actor to a TouchEngine Actor.

This will add a TouchEngine Component at its root though, which makes the BP Touch Control Lights unnecessary in that case.

See the Samples Project to pass a Texture to a material.

See the Material Graph above which is part of the Sample project. The TETexIn parameter is the Material parameter you set from your blueprint, where TouchEngine Get Output is called. Sample the texture and pass it to your Result Node. Apply sRGB/linear conversions if / where needed.