TouchEngine Plugin for Unreal Engine: UE5 Beta available - 2022-07-14 02:41

TouchEngine Plugin for Unreal Engine: UE5 Beta available

Link to main site

Awesome, thank you.

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I have a problem opening the samples project. I followed the steps of the documentation - downloaded and unziped the “TouchEngine-UE-Samples-UE5.0-Release” zip file, downloaded and unziped the “TouchEngine-UE_0.9.5” inside the Plugins folder but I get this error message when trying to launch the project:


Hello @morphe

Thanks for the report.

As a 1st step, you can confirm that:

  • The plugin folder content (TouchEngine-UE) was exported to the TouchEngine-UE-Samples/Plugins folder
  • Unreal Engine is installed, in version 5.0.3
  • Visual Studio Build Tools 2022 are installed

In your sample folder, do you have some log files in .\Saved\Logs ?

Could you please share those?

Note: I tried to reproduce everything on a fresh install / machine and couldn’t so far. I feel you are missing one specific Tool that is part of the Visual Studio Build Tools to compile. Maybe just a wrong version being installed.