TouchEngine Warning - there were warning in the component

I’m trying to send data from TD to Unreal with the TouchEngine plug-in, when I run the project I’ve got this warning and the data doesn’t update everytime.

Any idea why this happen ? Thx in advance for the answer

here is my bp

It’s a pretty generic message that is logged to get updated with more details in a future version.

Load your .tox in an Engine COMP within TD, you should get some warnings.

Those warnings are what it’s about. Warnings in your .tox, not in your BP.

Can you please share details about Plugin version, Unreal version, TouchDesigner version ?


Plug-in : TouchEngine-UE-UE5.2-Release
UE : 5.2.1
TD : 2022.33910

Seems all good on that front. Probably just some warnings in your tox file.