Touchplayer way slower than touchdesigner for same file

I created a fairly complex patch in touchdesigner for a client. They don’t need to edit it, so I had them buy a touchplayer license instead of a touchdesigner one. I was getting 40-60 fps using my touchdesigner (commercial) key, but when I run it on their touchplayer (commercial) key, it runs less than 10 fps.

Anybody know why this would be, and what I can do about it. Right now, I have my TD key installed on their computer so that I can run the files in TD instead of TP, but I’d like my key back at some point.



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When youre monitoring the fps of the Commercial license are you doing it in the same setting as TouchPlayer would, that is to say using the window placement dialogue to go straight into Perform mode?

I’m not sure what you mean. I’m using the perform chop to output the fps to my user interface. It’s the same file both in TD and TP. It’s not the monitoring that is the problem, the videos actually do run noticeably choppier in touchplayer, and the response to the DMX-in chop is way slower as well.

Also, I’m not sure what the responses mentioning my blog are referring to.

The blog stuff was spam.
Do you have any non-default preferences set on the machine running the Designer license? One bug we discovered is that Player doesn’t load up preferences correctly.

I don’t recall setting any non-default preferences, but I’ll have to check.

I’m currently running the Designer license on the PC that I was previously running the Player license, so the settings should be the same, however if player doesn’t load the preferences correctly, then there may be something there. I’m currently using 088, if that makes a difference.

Any hints here? This really has me baffled. Is there some configuration in Player I need to make so that it uses my GPU or something? Like I said above, Designer runs at full speed, but Player runs painfully slow.

The perform DAT can spit out a whole CSV of cooktimes. You might script up a little snapshot tool so you can get some performance stats out to see what’s happening.

I made a little tox that can do just that - feel free to take it apart / use it however you want. … ing#p41717

Can you post your project file?

What OS and update?

What build of machine?