Tox files - Collection


this is my RandomNumberGenerator Component,
which let’s you easily generate as much integer and float numbers you want.

You can specify a custom range (an Intervall from ([Min, to , Max]))

The tox imports automaticly the necessary random python module at the
programm launch of TouchDesigner.

The Component has a custom parameter page called ‘Random Number Generator’,
at which you can set the properties of the number generator.


RandomNumberGenerator.tox (1.8 KB)
RandomNumberGenerator.toe (4.8 KB)

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A small password encryption / decryption script

If you want to save sensible data like passwords in a local file on your pc,
for example with the fileOutDat, you should encrypt those password string so they can’t be
read by simply opening the saved file with a text editor.

Cryptography.toe (5.2 KB)
Cryptography.tox (2.2 KB)


here is another tox component by me. With the Pixabay.tox you can get images via the pixabay api


Pixabay.tox (11.3 KB)
PixabayAPI.toe (14.2 KB)


A new vesion of the indicesDat component, which is more simple (at least 4 me).
You can easily create integer sequences increased by one in a specified range.

Indices.tox (2.2 KB)
Indices.toe (5.1 KB)

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