Tracking Technology Flowchart

Slightly off topic, but I have been working on a flowchart to help my collaborators and I choose an appropriate interactive tracking technology for any given set of project circumstances. It’s a little bit of a mess and a few portions of it are based on manufacturer claims or limited R&D experimentation, not direct project experience, but I thought it might be helpful for others.

I would also welcome any insights from other folks on functional requirements or tools that should have been addressed or areas in which you think I’ve put in an incorrect recommendation.

Also, if anyone wants it, I can post an OmniGraffle file for you to mess around with it yourself.
BeSide_TrackingFlowChart_Rev1.pdf (137 KB)

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Very helpful, thank you :smiley:

Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

wow thanks for sharing!

That’s great. Yeah if you have the omnigraffle file handy pm a copy!

The PM function in the forum won’t let me send a .graffle file. If you shoot me an email at, I can send it to you as an attachment.

Hi, just fyi, you exclude the orbbec whenever touchdesigner is required. But I got orbbec working in touchdesigner. I’d love to see an update to your chart :grin:


@ruigato: GitHub - brutesque/touchdesigner-orbbec-astra: TouchDesigner Script TOP for Orbbec3D Astra

this is great, thank you @brutesque !

so will this work with Astra pro, or only with Astra ?

Both. Should work with all their usb cameras.

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