Transform an image into a drawing made of messy lines?

I am looking for a way to transform a “movie file in” in TOP (picture) into drawing made of messy lines like this processing sketch for example.

Any help to let me know if this is possible with TD or to have some ideas of how to do it would be very useful !

That’s a pretty sketch but a horrifying example of code…

Try the Script SOP to create a bezier curve. Render it in a Render TOP and use the Feedback TOP to keep adding new instances of the sop. Each new iteration of the SOP would be a new simulation of an agent.

The agent is probably spawned at a random location and heading rotation. The agent probably looks up noise based on its position to determine how much to rotate or move forward, moving with momentum. The agent can also look up various pixels nearby in the source image to influence these decisions. Additionally a boundary force helps keep the agent from getting too close to the edge of the source image. The agent simulation might end after a fixed amount of steps or a distanced traveled.