Transform feedback

Is it possible to do transform feedback in Touch?
… meaning to use a vertex shader to perform calculations on a buffer filled e.g. with several vec3 vectors that define vertex positions or color etc. and feed back the modified vectors to the buffer and apply the vertex attributes to a mesh.
As far as I understand you need a GLSL MAT to get access to a vertex shader.
In the shader one would presumably do something like this

in vec3 iPosition;
out vec3 newPosition;

void main() {
vec3 position =;
position += 0.01;
newPosition = position;

What is unclear to me is
a) Is there an operator in Touch that connects to such feedback buffers and invokes/stops the transform feedback ( glBeginTransformFeedback(), glEndTransformFeedback())?
b) How many buffers can be used for feedback transform and how are they rendered to different vertex attributes of a mesh?
c) Or are there more efficient ways than transform feedback available (I have no experience with compute shaders)?

Thank you for any hints.

I think the typical approach here is to perform these operations in TOPs then feed the resulting textures to your GLSL material to be sampled by your vertex shader.