Transformation handles not working in geometry viewer

I have the last experimental build 2019.33020, was working fine before.

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64bits
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

Anything else you need to know, let me know :slight_smile:

Hi Harold,

is this when you go into the SOP Editor or do you mean tumbling, dollying etc in a default SOP/Geo COMP viewer?


Hello Markus,

This is not the geometry viewer of the component but the one you can set as a pane (like network editor, top viewer, textport, etc). It doesn’t work in the SOP editor as well.

I installed the old build again and it worked. I then re-installed the experimental build and it stopped working.


Hi Harold,

a reason might be video card drivers - are your’s up to date?


Hello Markus,

My video card drivers were indeed not up to date but that didn’t change anything, unfortunately.
Thank you,


Hello @anemotionalrobot
I have re-tested this in the latest build 2019.33840 and they seem to be working now.
Are you still having difficulty? If so, what is not working, can you ‘see’ them? Can you ‘grab’ them? etc.


Hello @ben
I am just testing it now and it doesn’t work. For a geometry, like a SphereSOP, I don’t see any handles. When I click on my CameraCOMP, I see the handles showing up in the geometry viewer but I cannot interact with them.

Thanks for trying to help,

You can’t Select & Transform SOPs in the Geometry Viewer, only COMPs can be selected and transformed as they have a set of world space position parameters that can be adjusted by the transform handles.

When you are in the 3D pane, make sure you switch to ‘Select & Transform’ mode, but in your OP you said “stopped working like before” so I assume you know all this?

Here is a video of me using the 3D Viewer pane in 2019.33840, maybe if you watch you’ll see something I am doing that you are not?

Hello Ben,

Yes, so I re-created this basic render setup with a boxSOP, a geometryCOMP, a light and a camera. I make sure to switch to ‘Selet & Transform’. The first time, I see the handles showing up, but when I click on one of the handles, they disappear and are not showing up again afterwards. If I close and open again the geometry viewer, switch to ‘Select & Transform’ again, I will see the handles appearing, but after clicking on it, they disappear… really weird!

Everything was working fine in the older builds.



just to confirm this issue here on macOS Mojave with latest stable build.
latest experimental seems ok

On my macbook with macOS Catalina, everything is working fine. It is with Windows that I’m encountering issues.

@Gallo That is expected. macOS did not have picking supported in 3D Viewers since out port to macOS until 2019.30k experimental. So it is a new feature only available in experimental and beyond.

Ok, I can not reproduce it as all our Windows machines are working here. Could you give us the exact version of your Graphic Driver so we can try it. Also a screengrab vid of your interaction would help us see what you are experiencing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Here you go. Thank you very much Ben :slight_smile: (975.7 KB)

Interesting, perhaps its an AMD thing, we wil look into that if we can locate an AMD GPU.

One thing to try, instead of using the button on the top of the viewer to open the transform jacks, can you try using the shortcut keys e, r, t to bring the jacks up?
I don’t think it will change much but it is worth a try and how I usually work.

too bad, it didn’t change anything :frowning: