Transpose every nth in OSC out CHOP

Hey all. I have a bunch of CHOP data that I want to send over OSC. There are 128 channels that I want to use to create 64 OSC messages with two arguments, essentially Transpose every n channels. Is there some way to do this already, or is this maybe a feature request?

not sure I understand what you need, but would the Shuffle CHOP help anything? (set to sequence N channels, N=2)

If I have a CHOP with 4 channels with values [val1, val2, val3, val4], I want to connect this to an OSC out CHOP that will send something like “/message/1/address val1, val2”, “message/2/address val3, val4”

I used the shuffle to create multi-sample channels, but the OSC CHOP data formats “sample” and “time slice” only send one sample per channel. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to send multiple OSC messages with multiple arguments out of a single OSC out CHOP. Right now I just have a script CHOP doing what I want and sending it over an OSC out DAT.