Tree Lister scroll bar parameters

@Ivan please do you think it might be beneficial to have Horizontal Scroll Bar and Vertical Scroll Bar available directly on Tree Lister?

Since these parameters are inside - on List COMP itself, I can’t edit them directly from Tree Lister. The workaround is either remove the clone master (and lose automatic future updates) or edit the parameters from some Execute DAT using onCreate (which is ok, but not especially clean). Therefore I thought I might bring this question up. Not sure if others might find this useful (or just me). :slight_smile: Thanks.


The scrollbars layering on top of each other bc of the nested COMP limits the ability to control the aesthetics.

@Ivan this is a really cool UI component. Hopefully the high regard within which it’s held isn’t overlooked amidst all the notes that have been popping up lately. Thank you for all your work. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, absolutely - @Ivan thank you very much. Lister and treeLister are extremely handy components :slight_smile: …and hats off to their implementation (looking at your code I am truly amazed by their robustness and wide variety of use-cases).

Flattery will get you everywhere :wink:

Seriously though, the request makes sense… this feature will be in the next experimental release. Feel free to keep the requests and bugs coming, that’s how these components get better.

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@Ivan I have just looked at treeLister in latest 2023 build and it seems like Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Bar parameters are ready to be used, but not connected to lister component inside. I guess there is just some bind missing. :slight_smile:

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Ack. Apparently there was a commit mixup there. Will post a temporary fixed version soon and this will actually be working in the next release!

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treelisterInside.tox (68.5 KB)

Here’s a temporary treelister you can use until the next release. After next release, just turn cloning back on on this and you’ll be up to date.

Great, thanks @Ivan :slight_smile: