Trigger Reset Pulse

Would be very handy to have a button that resets a trigger.

Lots of situations where you can use a Trigger in sequence with other CHOPs, giving it a long delay time, something like 30 seconds. Then if you clicked it, but lets say you wanted to abort the sequence, the only way I see as of now is to make two scripts to bypass and then un-bypass the Trigger. If there was a “Clear Trigger” button, that just fully resets the Trigger, that’d be great.

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I had the same situation several times and bypass / un-bypass seems a bit hacky.


I’m in the same situation

Hi @Infratonal,

as a similar situation just came up in another post - could you make use of the Event CHOP? It has a pythonic release method.


for my case It works fine with event CHOP indeed !

Thank you Markus for the solution

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