Triplanar Texture Mapping


would like to texture geometry with triplanar projection like one can do in unreal, houdini etc. I am surprised I could not find anything about that being done in touch.

Has somebody looked into that topic? Before I start trying to do it from scratch myself, am I missing some obvious easy workflow

Interesting. Right now you’d need to do it yourself in a GLSL MAT, but I’ve added it to my todo as something to look into adding. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Yeah it would be handy for some realtime projection mapping installations I’m working on. Got a decent UVs for the building but when genereating my textures I dont always like the tiling, triplanar is more consistent imo. I got my head around it in unreal blueprints, but am way to unexperienced in the GLSL space and spouting it into unreal for rendering and spouting back to touchdesigner isnt the most optimal solution.

Hit me up if you come up with something mate

really quick n dirty unoptimized example but basically I think the gist of this is to use subsets of the physical xyz coordinates as uv, based on which plane you’re on, or blend between a couple if it’s on a slope etc.

tri_planar_proj.3.toe (3.3 MB)

Thank you very much for the example lucas!

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