Troubleshooting TOP to CHOP cpu cook times

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What are some reasons that could cause a TOP to CHOP chop to have significantly higher cook time in one project over another with identical settings?

Trying to “top2chop” a 64*1 32bit float mono texture and getting a cook time of over 10ms in one of my sessions vs 0.07ms in a simultaneously running session using only a noise TOP and TOP to CHOP chop.

Kind of scratching my head on this one. I’m


EDIT: I’m working in the latest experimental build so afaik this could also be a bug. Smells kinda buggy. Adding channels in the parameters seems to actually decrease cook times.

hmmm one possible cause is when the whole project’s framerate already can’t keep up anymore with the set framefrate, as that causes all cook calculations to be inaccurate.
Also you can doublecheck you have set “Download Type” to Fast on both Top toCHOPs?

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That sounds like what’s going on here. There are some heavy processes involved. Time to optimize!

Thanks for the reply.

yeah that can be deceiving, I got burned by that as well in the past trying to optimize a seemingly slow part of my network, and when you copy-paste only that part in an empty network you see it’s actually pretty fast and barely has any need to be optimized.
So don’t trust the COMP cooktimers in this case, better to shut off large parts of your network first, and start optimizing other parts one by one while the whole project runs within your set fps.