Trying to connect a Fit to a Null as shown in this Touchdesigner tutorial

Hi, so I’m trying to follow a tutorial to create a visualizer (how to create spectrum shape audiovisual using feedback).

The tutor mentions making feedback and then selects the Fit node, drags a line/wire away from the node, and selects a Null as a new operator without losing the wire. The Null is then connected to the Fit operator.

I’m not sure how to select a new operator without losing the wire, as if I right click, the wire disappears. When I create a Null operator and try to wire/connect it to Fit afterward (right sight of Fit to left side of Null), this doesn’t work.

Ah, I only discovered this myself about 2 years ago from @motoishmz
You use left-click on the output connector to get your wire (as if to wire it to something else) but while hovering you can press tab shortcut to open the OP Create menu and you can select your new node and place it on the end of your wire.
Give it a try, if this wasn’t what you meant, let me know.


Thanks Ben! I’m not sure what’s meant by shortcut in this case, but I’ve found that clicking on the output with the middle mouse works in the way you’re describing (sorry, shortcut might just be a touchdesigner term for middle mouse that I’m not familiar with yet – lots to learn!)

Thanks for taking the time to answer, I need to get the basics down before diving in headfirst again haha

Oh, the formatting in forum stripped out my text, what I meant was “Press tab key shortcut to open OP Create”, as the tab key opens the OP Create Menu, that’s the keyboard shortcut for it.

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Ah fantastic, that’s really useful – thanks very much Ben! Much appreciated