Trying to Record Pointcloud from Kinect Azure

I’ve been trying to get a working setup for recording the pointcloud + color from an Azure Kinect in real time, and keep running into roadblocks.

It’s 32s bit color data, so it requires EXR or using a pack TOP to split the colors for an 8 bit file codec.
I’ve tried every variation of codec type for movie files, and image sequences.
Even with the pack TOP, only the Animation Codec, Tiff, PNG and EXR sequences actually work when loaded back in and unpacked. All others result in black when unpacked, which I suspect has to do with compression.
The codecs/filetypes listed all tank performance while recording, to less than 5FPS, resulting in very choppy recordings. This is running on a Razer Blade 15 i7/ RTX2070 - not the newest and greatest, but no slouch either.
Reducing Touch FPS to 30 helps a bit here, but any less is going to be problematic for the content I need to record.

Has anyone managed a performant setup to record the pointcloud from an Azure Kinect in real time in touch?

We have looked at Depthkit, though that seems to only record the depthmap, not the actual pointcloud.
Also the k4arecorder in the Kinect SDK exists, but the command line interface would present workflow challenges, and also in quick testing it was often failing when creating files.
Ideally, I’d like to keep the workflow inside touch if possible.

I’ve had success with the pack top.

The flow would be Kinect point cloud - pack top - moviefileout

You could also record the Kinect color data at the same time to another moviefile. You don’t need to pack the color data as it’s not 32bit.

Then the reverse would be moviefile in - pack top (unpack) - geo (via instancing)