Trying to "sling" particles off of disc -

I wanted to see if anyone could help point me in the right direction in learning about particle forces in TD.

Myself and 2 others will be running visuals for a scratch dj this weekend and we’ll be running a few cameras + kinect. I was hoping to be able augment the overhead feed of the turntable and have particles form upon engagement and then sling off the scratched vinyl once a force threshold is acheived. I know this’ll take a good bit of work since the weekend is close, but I’m still going to go for it.

I’ll probably use the mediapipe ai-trained camera tracking plugin, as the kinect only wants to track if there is a body, plus mediapipe seems to be consistently precise. I worked in quartz composer quite religiously years ago but, unfortunately, I’m still reaaaallly green in TD… ~a month or so deep in my journey. I’ve looked around a good bit, and I don’t believe I’ve found much info for anything round-abouts similar on the particle-side of things.
Anyone know of any tutorials or write up involving TD emitter, initial particle forces, colider/effectors for something in the same vein as what I’ve set out to do?
Any guidance is greatly appreciated