Tscript "Commands"

Frequently in the documentation I see references to commands . These are always Tscript.

For instance the kinecttilt -d degrees nodes command for tilting the kinect. Are there always Python equivalents for these (somehow automatically) or do they have to be added individually?

Also, would there be a way to easily track down the Python equivalent of these Tscript commands? Some are clear and referenced in the documentation but many others are not…

Some aren’t easy to find, some can be found in the Python Help for the operator, which is the ? mark with the yellow and blue background behind it, at the top left of the operator’s parameter window.

As far as I know, there isn’t a Python equiv of that kinecttilt command.

It’s a manual process to ensure all new python functionality makes sense and fits together.
There are still a couple small holes here and there, like the kinecttilt command, but generally we strive to group python functions with the Operator they relate to.

Here’s a short table summarizing some of the most common tscript-python equivalents:

derivative.ca/wiki088/index. … ython_Tips