Tube Hands - Leap Motion Basic Bones - 2021-10-12 19:00

Tube Hands - Leap Motion Basic Bones

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Wonderful stuff, thank you!

I was looking to reacquaint myself with the basics of the Leap controller. I’ve got a few other basic sketches working fine. On this one, I’m confused by your choices in the Select CHOPs.

 *metacarpal* *proximal* *intermediate* *distal*

That doesn’t result in anything being selected, unless you change the channel name to *finger*

Likewise, the Start and End Select CHOPs for joints, are set to *prev* and *next*, but there is no incoming data with that name from the Leap controller.

So how are you getting this to work?? Maybe 099 is no longer letting this work as originally designed?

I just tested the file in the latest 2021 and 2022 builds and everything seems to be working for me. WhatAPI version are you using? I think it is setup to use the Version 4 Orion drivers, are you using something else?

I see the issue. I’m on Mac High Sierra. Version 4 Orion is not supported there.

I’ll try it on my newer Win laptop later.