Tweening with Tweener! A python based solution - 2021-12-27 18:30

Tweening with Tweener! A python based solution

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I have created a tutorial to help get started with my Tweener extension.
Tweener Intro for TouchDesigner

Love love love where you’re going with this. Great syntax and feature set. This community really benefits from animation support such as yours, thanks for sharing!

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this is pretty sweet, well done @amazingrobot

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I am glad you are finding it useful. I am still wrapping my head around Python OOP to see how I can improve it. I want to add a Timeline Class that you can then add Tweens to build sequences that you can play, pause, repeat, and reverse.

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wow! This is so great to see! Thanks for your great work and sharing!

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Trying it out and it is really good!.. Thank you, @amazingrobot

This said, I’ve run into a bit of a notation problem while trying to automate DAT Table contents. How do I specify a particular table cell as a target? The Tweener’s syntax requires a parameter name; however, table cells got no names and are referenced by indexing. What’s the solution here?

Correct, it is only setup to target Pars of OPs. A solution for your situation might be to update a constant chop and then have a ChopExecute onValueChange update the Dat cell. I will think on this and see if there would be a clean way to support [row,col] as a targetable property.

I see. Thanks for an explanation. Having Tweener capable of addressing table cells would be invaluable! Thanks for considering this.


this errors if the calling scripts is a root level (and not inside a COMP)

Thanks for the bug report. I am working on an update and will try to get it out this week. I am looking into doing a hybrid approach mixing python and chops to see if I can improve performance. I also plan to add tween pooling with this new hybrid setup to reuse expired tween blocks instead of deleting and rebuilding each time.