Twitch Stream into TD


The project I am working on is a video switcher that will output via NDI to OBM and then stream onto Twitch. The switcher itself is fine but I am having issues with figuring out how to get my source videos into it.

The sources are going to be five different twitch streams that I will then crossfade between in TD. I cannot figure out how to get these streams to play in TD. Does anyone have any advice on ways to go about this?


AFAIK Twitch doesn’t have many options to get access to their streams directly - I can imagine they prefer you only watch the content on their website. But you could fire up 5 WebRender TOPs and load the stream urls in there.
A more robust option would be to ask the content providers of those 5 streams to use a platform like so copies of their source streams can be accessed directly by you.