Two Sops, Two Materials one inside the other

Hey Guys,

I am trying to combine 2 SOPs each with its own material but have one SOP inside the, the outside one is a line material, the inside one is a phong.

I have done it… but the issue is that I can see the line through the phong. make sense? see example…

any ideas?

2 Sops 2 Materials.toe (6.2 KB)


Can’t open your example right now, but i would check if Depth Test option is enabled in the lineMAT common tab.

Hope this helps

Yeah @Gallo you are correct, that does the trick in this case.

ah yes! thats it! cheers, I think I tried that back when i had the two sops/2 geos coming out to two renders and compositing… didnt think to try again after having it run through 1 geo

Nice one!