Two table DAT bugs

2023.11600 - Windows 11. → video of the issue

Table 1 issue:
In the video, I’m clicking on “Empty 1” button and it gives me an error. So I manually go into “empty 1” on the network and click on it again, then it works. Clicking on the button should automatically change a table column that is inside of the button, but the table doesn’t update its columns unless I am inside of it on the network. Once I manually enter it on the network, the button works even if I exit it. But if I use the replicator to clear the buttons, it stops working until I open it manually again.

So it’s almost like the table isn’t updating the columns unless I’ve got it open once. Then it’s ok.

I have found a workaround by making two extra scripts with a slight delay, one bypass=1 and the other is bypass=0. For some reason bypassing the table and then turning off bypass “wakes” it up and the table is recognized.

Table 2 issue: A different table column turns from expr to val but I don’t have have any code that changes or affects the column.

I have a table the automatically calculates columns by an expression: op(‘null2’).numChans I never quite want it to change but it slips into val mode and I’m not sure why.

The problem is that the table will randomly turn off expression mode and be in val mode and I’ll get errors with the rest of my code - since columns are no longer matching the channels. It should always be that expression. Null 2 stems from in IN chop where I can plug constants, LFO, or whatever CHOP data. It’s supposed to take that info and get it into a DAT. I’m wondering if maybe it creates some sort of glitch when I plug and unplug chops into it? I don’t know but it only happens when I plug in something with a bit of channels.

There are no scripts that change or modify the number of columns on the table. I did an opfind just to make sure nothing is messing with the table columns.

The workaround I’ve done is to make a constant that checks for the mode of the table and if it turns to val, then do a chopexec WHILEON to turn it back into an expression. But I don’t know why it’s ever changing modes to have to have this workaround?

Hi @Flowtricks,

could you provide a Minimal reproducible example for us to identify the issue?