UDP not receiving whole array

[test2.4.toe|attachment] (7.8 KB)
I have tried to receive plus value to control 16 Servo motor at a time using pwm/servo driver board by adafruit and arduino uno. The arduino code is included in the TD file. I am send pulse value for 16 motors in a single array. But its receiving only values for 6 motor. Can someone help me in this.I want whole 16 values in the ‘udpout1’

In most cases where I’ve done udp sockets development directly (ie: in cpp and rust) truncated transmissions are usually a result of you trying to feed more bytes into a packet than are allowed by the Maximum Transmission Unit size (MTU).

I’m not sure if the UDP DAT manages splitting transmissions larger than the MTU into multiple packets for you. I can’t seem to look at your test toe, but as a first step I would try to split your instructions into multiple packets.