Udp port usage clearly indicated


Hello, I am working on a big project with many OSC communication with sound (Ableton live), light (D::Light) and last not least Node-red for iPhone interfaces.
– in Node-red, when I create a new UDP in port, it show me what are the port used inside Node-red (very useful to choose one)
– also in Node-red, if I try to use an used port, there is a red triangle showing there is a problem. Nothing in TD…
It would be very useful to have somewhere a compendium of what port is used.
Thank you in advance,


Adding this to request queue

This would be great!

Also (on Windows) you can use SysInternals TCPview to see all TCP and UDP ports open by TouchDesigner, or any other program for that matter:


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Thank you, very useful but many unused infos!
Definetly, the best numbers are between 10000 and 15000.