UE workflow similar to Notch block

Hello, I would like to ask what would be a preferred UE workflow in case one would like to approach TD + UE plugin in the same way as TD + Notch block is currently being used.

I am looking for a workflow that would allow me to use UE purely as a renderer (driven by data coming from TD scene). This concept should be similar to workflow with Notch block. Since UE plugin is working the other way around (plugin integrated into UE using Touch Engine), I am trying to figure out what would be the best way to go about this.

I guess the workflow should look something like this:

  1. Send data from live TD scene to Touch Engine running inside of UE. I am not sure what would be the best way to do this. I would like to go for minimal latency which naturally points me to Shared Memory CHOPs. But how to go about sending more complex string data? Since Shared Memory DATs aren’t currently available, I guess the only way to go about this is to use network communication. Or is there some better way?

  2. Receive data in Touch Engine and drive rendering in UE with these data.

  3. Send render from UE back to TD. I guess that one way would be to send render back to Touch Engine and then use spout inside of the tox file to send it back to main TD scene. This would however result in one unnecessary texture share and therefore most probably in increased latency. I guess it would be better to send the texture directly from UE to TD (using some 3rd party spout plugin). If anyone knows about some better approach, please let me know :slight_smile: Thanks.

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Hello Everyone I am a newcomer to this group. I have also faced these issues. Basically, I am facing these on developing the . So I have researched a lot first. But after visiting this forum and going through it all I have learned a lot and get rid of my issues.

Welcome to the forums @johnclark. :slight_smile: Could you please elaborate a bit more on how you got rid of these issues? I am struggling to make use of UE rendering inside of TD and I am curious how you approached the data exchange.

I have read that some people have successfully implemented RenderStream into TD and have been wondering if this might be the way to go. When looking at its implementation inside of Disguise it looks quite nice. There are quite different concepts used than I have originally imagined (mainly oriented towards cluster network rendering). I guess there are benefits when using such concepts, but also downsides (latency). However biggest problem would be doing actual implementation for TD - I guess it would take quite a long time to write (at least for me :slight_smile: ).