UI Bug: How to stably switch OSC Out DAT's parameter: active with external CHOP?

As you can see these GIFs below, the active parameter is sometimes controlled by exported parameter but usually not. Is there any stable way to control it?

Hi @kotaisobe - this actually looks like a UI bug. I did a quick test and it looks like the parameter’s value is actually changing, but the UI elements aren’t updating to match.

@ben might be able to move this over to Bugs so it can get some attention.
For reference, I tested with the 2020.24520 build.

Here’s an example tox:
base_active_par_bug.tox (958 Bytes)

To replicate, with the parameter window open click on the OSC out DAT, then click another operator, then click back to the OSC out DAT. Op to Op selections seem to make this show up, while clicking on the network can sometimes make this error disappear.

In the example above the name and status of the parameter are printed so you can see that they’re in fact changing correctly, but the TD UI doesn’t always update.

Hi @raganmd - Thank you for your quick reply and test. I’ll send an email to @ben about this.