Ui.choosefile causes flickers on other monitors

Win10, current official, 3x1 mosaic

When I execute ui.choosefile (from a button hosted inside a full screen window covering my complete mosaic based desktop) all my monitors turn black for a few frames.

The “Always on top” parameter of the window COMP doesn’t seem to make any difference .

Any ideas how to solve this ?

I assume your window is covering the whole desktop. When that occurs TD has exclusive access to the outputs, which allows it to bypass the windows compositor, avoiding random unexplained frame drops. This flicker is the GPU driver/Windows doing a mode change between TD having exclusive access to the outputs and going back to regular desktop mode. This will occur when any window is opened, such as the file browser. The only way to avoid the flicker would be to not go into exclusive mode, which can be done by not using Mosaic, or having your window 1 pixel smaller than the desktop size.
We are looking at ways to fix this for dialogs within TD, via an Overlay COMP. However that won’t help with the windows file browser. You’d need to use a browser made within TD when that feature becomes available.

I see. Makes sense. I remember seeing a TD based file/media browser somewhere, but can’t find it in the palette. Was there a usable one in /sys? Or does anyone else have a nice filebrowser to share?