UI dialog blackScreen

start TD can’t see anything just black Screen


It’s worth checking your graphics driver, and that your computer is set to use the GPU when opening Touch. That’s usually where I start when I see a black screen like this.

thank you
but i use the GPU on TD
how to setting it?

In your NVIDIA control panel there should be a setting to make sure that your computer uses the GPU that you specify:

OK!thank you for your help


@kuto Also please get the latest Nvidia drivers here: https://www.geforce.com/drivers

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@kuto Did you get this working? You can also try some tips from other users about the same issue. Please tell us if any of these solve it.

i don’t have project. i just reset GPU.i can use it

How did you reset GPU? Reinstall drivers?

I ask because some other people have this problem so we would like to tell them the solution.


i realized another problem concurrent. if there is, get rid off “segurazio”. my brand new pc came with it. as i uninstalled, everything got perfect. this so-called security program blocks even nvidia drivers. for uninstall you need to be login on secure mode. but be careful, secure mode asks for your “password” not “PIN”.

my english so poor……but i know you can understand :罗夫:

Thanks for the feedback @kuto, it is very helpful!

just on this screen push this butten.GPU control panel push the reset.

@kuto Did you try the exact steps that @edonellan described here: Opens to Blank Screen on Laptop