UI dialog boxes are not being displayed

I’m using Touch099 build 2020.22080 on Windows 10. on first installation touchdesigner showed operator dialog box correctly. it shows the background like in the image attached. same follows for dialog box for performance monitor, exit menu.

Hi @Asterast,

can you tell us a bit about your machine: Is it a laptop, what kind of video card are you using and are all the drivers up to date?

There is another post reporting the same issue (Opening OP Create dialog) and a temporary workaround was to install a previous release of TouchDesigner which you can download from our archive here: https://derivative.ca/download/archive#tab-1-3


Hello I have Asus Laptop with AMD A8 cpu with
radeon 7640G 2GB of graphics. I had same the issue on win 8.1 pro so I ran 2019.19930 build previously flawlessly but I was missing out the new features. So I tried running newest build on clean windows 10 install. Removed all of the bloatware. Still no luck with newest build and now I can’t even run 2019.19930 build which I ran on win 8.1 pro. :((
Builds I have tried 2020.22080,2020.20625,2019.20140 and 2019.19930

@Asterast This is happening to someone else’s AMD card as well. So we can dig in deeper, can you please tell us the AMD graphics driver version you have currently installed?

I’m using AMD catalyst 15.7.1 drivers
(Also I resetted windows entirely and now 2019.19930 is working fine for me but not newer)

That could be the problem then, those drivers 15.7.1 are from 2015 and very, very old.

On the driver page at AMD.com here you’ll find the latest for your GPU are 20.4.2 for Windows 10 64-bit. We recommend installing these first to see how they run, hopefully it helps but either way you should not run the 2015 drivers.