Once in awhile, my touchdesigner goes really slow until I close the program and reopen it up. Performance monitor is always the same issue…
/ui/dialogs/dialog_winplacement/compList/opfind1 has a 45ms processing time.

Hi @Flowtricks, does this happen os a specific project or any project? It’s not something we’ve seen before so reproducing it is the challenge. When it happens, if you open the Window Placement dialog does anything change?

Another option would be the next time you see it happen, navigate to the path in the address bar and see if there is a warning or error on that OP Find DAT. Let us know what you find, also a screenshot of it could be helpful.

Sorry about the delay Ben. Yeah, it triggers when I “ALT+W” and then find the /perform and click “Open” - there’s about a 10% chance it does it on my two biggest Touchdesigner files.

I went to the directory…the opfind has about 1000 entries in it and is chugging slowly. I went ahead and put “perform” in the name of opfind so it would only look for the perform. It may have fixed the issue…maybe it was scouring all the containers listed for something. I"ll keep you updated if it doesn’t work!

Ok so when I exit and reopen, it chugs away again when I do that. I’m guessing it doesn’t make this directory until I open the window placement window… Maybe I can make something that checks if opfind exists and if so, adjust the parameter so it only shows perform as an option?

Hi Flowtricks, we’d really like to investigate why your project if loading the opfind1 so heavily. I can see it has found over 1000 nodes which is surprising, but it is also set to auto-cook so it shouldn’t be cooking all the time unless your nodes are changing every frame. Either way we probably need to reconsider how this is implemented if a project can get it into this state.
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You are correct, if you do not open the Window Placement dialog, it is not loaded into the project and you will not encounter this. So you could just go into Perform mode using F1 maybe?