UI font rendering blurry in experimental branch

I really like the way new experimental branch looks on high dpi monitors - font rendering is very sharp and clean. However when I try experimental branch on monitor with standard resolution (full hd), I find font rendering blurry and harder to read than before… Therefore I just wanted to ask if this will change in later builds / or if there is some “hack” to get cleaner font rendering on standard monitors?

I am attaching video for better quality - just change the extension to 7z (zip was too large to upload, 7z was much smaller but rejected as attachment).
new_fonts.dmp (1.5 MB)

Windows 10, TD 2021.38110

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Bump… :roll_eyes:
I have a hard time reading UI text in new experimental branch on standard full HD monitors. Please is this going to get better in later experimental versions, or is there something I can do at the moment in order to improve font rendering? I loved the way official branch looked on full HD monitors - fonts were very crisp and easy to read. I hope there will be a way to keep such clean font rendering even in new versions…