UI in Perfom Mode

Hello everyone,
I want to shift on perfom mode so for that :
I create a container 1920 * 2 width and 1080 to see my UI in monitor 1 and visual in second Monitor.
My UI works perfectly in TD mode when I open view of container but in pefom mode it doesn’t work and its be come like a photo or a frame from my UI!!! I don’t know if happened for you ?!! and I have no idea how to fix this !!

p.s. : my visual works perfect
and my fbs is 50ps.

Did you set the Perform Window?

Maybe try to check the size of the containers appearing in your UI, or any container that accidentally might be overlapping with your UI above the UI itself.
It could be the case that you have something else appearing over the UI, therefore blocking any clicking or mouse interaction with the UI itself.

Just saying because this happened to my cousin once ! :slight_smile:
I, I mean he, accidentally had a network container with no UI at all in it, just nodes, which was sitting perfectly above the UI.

Thanks for your reply!
I tried everything and still no interaction happening in my UI :)))
At the end I was disappointed and start a new project :smiley: maybe it is better for me to learn more, for sure I’ll be back to solve this weird problem .