UI Pane causes intermittent freezing

Hey all! I was using TD 23680 for the longest time. After I updated my license and downloaded the newest version (both experimental and regular), both tend to have an issue with opening a window in Keiths Luminosity program. Essentially, just right click on a cell and choose “Open Network Window” (which should allow the user to edit the pane. Instead it freezes and crashes.)

It works fine in 23680 but not in the updated one. I was wondering if there might have been some changes with UI Pane functionality that could cause crashes? I threw a bunch of dmp files on dropbox for evaluation.

Luminosity: Luminosity

Ok, so I have more to add here. It definitely seems to be an issue with UI Panes. I made my own file and it worked at first. But the next day, I do a fresh load and when I launch the UI pane now, it freezes Touchdesigner. Not sure what’s causing it to freeze but I’ve tried two different PCs. I’m going to assume that the pane is having some issues. I can send you my tox file of this issue if you’d like to look.

p = ui.panes.createFloating(type=PaneType.NETWORKEDITOR, name=“Output”)
x = str(op(me.parent())) + str(’/media/homebrew’)
p.owner = op(x)

We’ll look into it but if you can attach your .toe file or send to support, then we can really confirm any fix so it would be appreciated.